This trunk model was primarily restored by the late Tom Narum from TX. I got the car in March 2002 and managed to drive it 1,015 miles before the end of 2002. The body ID tag was gone when I got the car. We call the car, "Miss Smithfield," and it gets a lot of use. Completed adding a 6 volt alternator from Larry Becker in OH and an electric fan to the car along with new water pumps built by "Skip" Haney in FL 9/9/03.

Email me your 36 Ford Convertible Sedan...it could show up!

Thanks to some fine help from the good folks at the Hubcap Cafe web site (www.hubcapcafe.com), I found out that this car IS, in fact, ALREADY in our survey. It is a slantback that is located in MN and has a body ID tag sequence number of 1593.

May 20, 2006: TWO 1936 convertible sedans parked together in Smithfield, VA. Chuck Cake gets a GOLD STAR for getting his car down to Smithfield to be featured at a family reunion AND show it to me. He even let me drive his sweet car and it has a a great Columbia OVERDRIVE! His visit was the highlight of the Builders Breakfast Bunch breakfast meet.

Here are TWO very happy 36 convertible sedan owners. Chuck Cake and his black car is on the left and Al Casteen and his blue one is on the right. Both cars are trunk models. It was REALLY neat to be driving around in one convertible sedan and see another one following you in your rear view mirror!!! Thanks again, Chuck, for making it happen.

This fine 36 convertible sedan is a slant back model and bears body ID tag number 1532 according to the owners, Jim and Linda Bertotti of Whittier, CA.

This slant back 36 convertible sedan did not have a body ID tag according to the owners, Alan and Carol Egelsteer of WI. Don't see many with that grille option but I know of at least one more convertible sedan, in MD, that has it, too.

This fine 36 convertible sedan is a trunk model and is owned and was restored by Spencer Bing in Plantation, FL. The body ID tag was missing. Spencer also restored a 36 roadster, 36 cabriolet, and 36 fordor sedan.

This is a picture of Wayne Watson and his lovely 36 Ford slant back convertible sedan. This car is special because it is the SECOND HIGHEST BODY ID TAG NUMBER for a slant back sedan. This car has a body ID tag number of 2220. What is more unique is that his brother, Gerald, has a similar slant back 36 convertible sedan (see below) and it's body ID number is 2210. Just ten before Wayne's car!! The brothers restored both cars and several others for themselves and other people.

This fine 36 convertible sedan belongs to Frank Burke in Doylestown, PA. Frank's car has body tag number 2204 and was restored by Gerald Watson.

This is a picture of Gerald Watson's 36 Ford slant back convertible sedan. This car's body ID number is 2210. Gerald lives in Souderton, PA.

This is Ken Stanton's 36 convertible sedan slant back that carries body ID tag number 1636. Ken lives in Santa Monica, CA.

Mike McCracken, of Eau Cleire, WI, owns this fine convertible sedan street rod. Body ID tag number is 4365.

Dick Kurtz owns and DRIVES this fine 36 convertible sedan in CA. Dick's car has an overdrive unit and it works well according to him but the body ID tag is missing. He recently DROVE over to meet John Connelly and look at his convertible sedan.

Rich Nalavany of NJ gets a GOLD "ATTABOY!" for DRIVING his 36 convertible sedan to the Nationals in Detroit! 650 miles each way. Rich said he drove back to NJ in 14 hours with no problems. He said the car is completely stock and ran great. OUR kind of guy! The body Id tag is missing.

This picture of Bill Bond's "barn fresh" (while STILL in the barn!) should keep everybody looking. Bill found the car in Iowa, with body number 5404, and has now moved it to his home in CO to begin the restoration. Bill has restored a number of Model As but now wants to try his hand with a 36 convertible sedan. Bill also helped us find another convertible sedan in CO that we did not have in our survey. Thanks Bill.

This great looking 36 convertible sedan belongs to Palmer Rogers in ME. Ludolf Bierwas, who owns the 37 cabriolet on the "Guest" page, helped get the owner info on the car and reported that the body ID tag is missing. Ford people helping Ford people... the way it should be.

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