This fine convertible is shown with it's owners, Kirk & Perilla Brewer of San Pedro, CA. Body number is 4147.

John Connelly of Temecula, CA has car reportedly used to make the movie, "Paper Moon." Body number is 3659.

Rich Kramer of Decatur,IL owns this fine car and reports that the body tag is missing.

Don Floyd of KY. Car was featured in Street Rod Builder magazine in 2002 in SRB's first special "1936 Fords" issue. Body number is 3819.

This fine convertible sedan belongs to Bob Hollinger of Dover, MA. Bob reports that the car does not have an ID tag but it HAS been in his family SINCE 1957!

JW & Barbara Silveira in the Oakland hills of CA and own this fine trunk model that has a body ID tag of 5053. They bought it from Rich Guasco in 1999 but JW first saw the car in 1952 and lost track until his oldest son heard Rich wanted to sell it. The car has 47,000 original miles and still retains everything the same way it left the factory.

This fine convertible sedan has the LOWEST body ID tag for a trunk model. It is number 2497 and was bought by Chris Beebe for her husband as a Christmas present. GREAT present! The car was used in the Great American Race in 1992. It obviously runs as good as it looks in Madison, CT. Thanks Chris for the great pictures.

"Colonel" S. L. Ross of Alexandria, VA has owned this beautiful car for many years and several other convertible sedan owners CREDIT Colonel Ross with building THEIR interest in 36 Ford convertible sedans. Body tag is missing. Thanks Colonel for all your past help and contributions.

This convertible sedan has a body ID tag number of 4682. It belongs to Mike Esposito in MA.

Jim Rettelle, of MI, owns this beautiful car with body ID tag number of 1000.

This convertible sedan slant back has a body ID tag number of 1756. It NOW belongs to Ken Leuck in Islip Long Island, NY. Big THANKS to Ken for keeping us updated on the car's new home. Happy Motoring, Ken. Hope you enjoy your car as much as the rest of us enjoy ours! Get riding! Now I've got to update my state by state totals!

Al Darr sent along this picture of HIS WIFE'S 36 Ford convertible sedan which does not have a body ID tag. I'm sure Margaret Darr enjoys her car in Longview, WA. Al has a 36 phaeton. WHAT a family!!

Ray Knoedler of MD was just completing the redo of his convertible sedan trunk model at the York, PA NSRA run in 2004. His son, Denny, is his "head wrench" on the project. Ray's car does not have a body ID tag.

This gunmetal gray slantback sedan has a poppy red stripe, wheels, and luggage rack. It is owned by Jon and Mary Anderson in McDonald, PA and carries body ID number 1777. Jon was a contributor to the 1935-36 Ford book by the Early Ford V8 Club as were several others of our group. Thanks for sending the great picture.

John Ward, in OH, sent me this update on his restoration of his trunk model with body number 2860. Looks like well on way to a great job. Keep working!

This slantback convertible sedan carries body ID number 1521. Dick Crowell, in Lakeville, MA, has the car now. He bought it from Tom Wiggin in NH who bought it from Buddy Hackett in MA. Thanks to Tom Wiggin for sending the great picture.

Steve Mizula sent us this great picture of his convertible sedan slantback model that carries body id tag number 400. Steve lives in MA.

This well travelled trunk model belongs to Denny and Sandy Gorkin in Aurora, CO. Denny reports over 100 THOUSAND miles, and at least three redos. This pic shows the FOURTH paint job since 1962. Body is number 3946. Thanks for sending me some great pictures.

Don Aiken owns this convertible sedan that he restored with his dad in the 70s. Don's car does not have a body ID tag.

Another well travelled slantback convertible sedan is this one owned by Lee Duggan in Sugarland, TX. This car has been DRIVEN to Alaska, among many other places! Lee was instrumental in putting me in touch with TX folks who worked on MY CAR! Lee knew Tom Narum who did the major restoration on my car. Lee's car carries body ID number 1293.

Chuck Cake of Arlington,VA reports that his car has been in his family since 1950! Body tag number is 5166.

Fred Buerstatte of WA owns more than one 36 Ford...LUCKY MAN! Body tag is missing.