36 Fords Rule! (per Al Casteen in VA)

The FAT RAT, 39 CHEVY COUPE; chopped five inches, SHORTENED four inches. Powered by 454 with tunnel ram and 750 Edelbrock. Turbo 400 trans. Quick change rear end from "roundy round" race car. It really "sings." Special music for all rodders. Top picture is Sept 1980 cover of Rod Action magazine. Brian Brennan, editor of Street Rodder Magazine, wrote the article and took the pictures. Second picture is Aug 1980 cover of Popular Hot Rodding magazine. PHR selected the RAT as Best Engineered at the 1980 Nats South. Steve Coonan, editor of The Rodder's Journal, wrote the article for PHR way back then. Steve Reyes took the pics. Third picture is the cover of the Popular Hot Rodding 1981 Yearbook. It should also be noted that Gerry Burger took the pictures and wrote an article featuring the FAT RAT and contrasting it with a "normal" 39 Chevrolet coupe restorod and included the article in the VERY FIRST issue of RODDER'S DIGEST in the spring of 1981. In 1994, Gerry also shot and wrote a "FAT RAT REVISITED" article in Rodder's Digest to bring readers up-to-date on the later changes to the car. Fourth pic is late 1993 on first road trip after initial rebuild. Bottom pic is Summer 2004 at Cosmo's Diner in Chesapeake, VA; where we eat every Monday night during daylight savings time.

I own a pretty trick 39 Chevy coupe that was originally built by Mike Wiley in Roanoke Rapids, NC. The car was first introduced in 1980 and is known as the "FAT RAT." The car won a number of awards including Best Engineered at the Nats South AND Nats East in 1980. It was on the cover of Rod Action AND Popular Hot Rodding at the same time in 1980. It was also on the cover of the 1981 Popular Hot Rodding Yearbook. I've owned the car since 1986, but I am just the current custodian of MIKE'S car. 10/18/2010.